Some Actual Finished Spinning

It’s always a long time between finished spinning projects as I don’t get as much time as I’d like to spin. I’ve been working with the English Leicester/Kid Mohair/Bamboo I purchased from Freelance Fibres at last year’s Guild Open Day since May. Spinning just over 300 grams of fibre within about two months is much better than my average, but this fibre was a delight to spin, and I’m looking forward to knitting it into an Ishbel. The first skein was plied at the Craft and Quilt Fair but the remaining singles and three skeins were plied up last week.


There’s about 800 metres all up, at about 18 WPI. So it will be a large Ishbel, unlike the small Swallowtail, since yardage is unlikely to be a problem. Completing this spinning project gives me an excuse to buy more fibre goodness this coming Saturday at the Guild’s 2009 open day.

As for knitting, the latest socks are Leyburns in the DIC Smooshy ‘Cloud Jungle’ – an ugly grey at a distance, but really quite pretty close-up.


The ‘blob’, also known as “Not Calvert” or “Modified Mr Greenjeans” has descended below bust level and into the lace rib section. The rows are over 250 stitches long, so progress is slow. It still looks like a blob. I’m hopeful it will be less blobby and more cardigan-like before the week ends.


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