A bit quiet around here

It has been a bit quiet here on the blog, and it is likely to be that way for the next month or so. As those who follow me on Twitter would already know, I am moving house soon. This has been a very long time coming. It has been about a year, on and off, as you may be aware from my post back in January. Several ‘issues’ simultaneously came to a head towards the end of the school holidays and spurred me into find somewhere to move to NOW without continuing to try schedule moving around school terms.

It is really quite crappy timing as I have lots of marking in this school term. And marking is almost always the part of my work I can never squeeze into the working week. HSC trials are in progress now (those exam papers will hit my desk on Monday) and Year 11 sit their exam the day before I move and Year 10 the day after I move (in about four weeks’ time). Throw in a Year 11 task that I will have to mark this weekend, and a Year 7 task somewhere in between the rest, and life is anything but a party! But I shall survive – especially as I have found somewhere very nice to move to. Surprisingly, unlike the many houses I looked at before, it’s a very normal house. And there is plenty of room for my ever-growing fibre stash and collection of books.

The packers and removalists are booked, time off work arranged, and just some of the smaller details are left to be sorted. It’s just a matter of knuckling down and getting on with it. Sadly, this means no time for my usual weekend knitting groups for a while, since my time is taken up either with school work, or sorting my stuff and packing it, or the necessary cleaning that comes with ending a tenancy.

It will be so good to get to the other side.

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