New Zealand Trip days 4-5

Te Anau – Milford Sound

Saturday was an easy day after several long days of driving. I had just 120 km to drive from Te Anau to Milford Sound through Fiordland National Park. However, the day started with pouring rain. It cleared after a while and I set off.

I stopped frequently to admire the view and to do some walks.





At the Homer Tunnel I went for a walk into the alpine vegetation and took some photos. Driving through the tunnel was a bit of a shock as I felt quite claustrophobic inside it. Mercifully, the tunnel is shorter than the Sydney Harbour Tunnel. Once past the tunnel though, the weather closed in and I had to abandon plans for more walks. I went on to Milford Sound Lodge, my accommodation for the night, and checked in. The rain stopped for long enough for me to do a walk along the foreshore of the Sound. I had a roast pork dinner at the Blue Duck Cafe and then spent some time knitting my Jaywalker socks in the Lodge lounge, much to the amusement of the trampers who made up the majority of guests.

I didn’t get a good sleep that night because the rain varied from hard to torrential and made a dreadful sound on the roof. At times it sounded solid – hail or sleet?

In the morning I was told it had snowed overnight. None of it remained at the level of the sound, but the peaks had a nice fresh dusting – when they were visible. It continued to rain. I went on a cruise of the sound out to the Tasman Sea and back that was awesome despite the rain.



Milford Sound – Dunedin

The remainder of Sunday was spent driving across the South Island to Dunedin. Unlike the slow trip on Saturday, I didn’t stop on the road back to Te Anau since it rained the whole way. The weather was better from Te Anau to Balclutha, but then the rain returned.

I made one stop before Dunedin, at Milton, to determine if there really was a mill shop there. Yes there is a mill shop, and I knew it wouldn’t be open on a Sunday, but I would have still been out of luck if it had have been a weekday as it was after 4:30 pm (Opening hours are 9 to 4 on Mondays to Thursdays and 9 to noon on Fridays). Tantalisingly, the sign in the window stated that they have hand knitting and weaving yarns and Merino and mid micron sliver for spinners and felters. Something to remember for a future trip.

I reached Dunedin at about 5:30 pm, pleased that longest stretches of driving were over with.

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