New Zealand Trip days 6-7


Monday morning in Dunedin I took a walk down to the Octagon and Visitor Information Centre then visited some (rather forgettable) yarn shops. Then I headed to Otago Museum.


I had the most decadent caramel slice and latte for morning tea at the cafe, to defrost from the cold outside, before looking around the museum. The museum exhibits were excellent and included odd measuring instruments on the stairwell, exhibits on Maori and Pacific Islanders, geology and natural history of the area, as well as travelling exhibits such as on Charles Darwin and a rather interesting one on dinosaur eggs. The museum has lots of hands on stuff for kids. I spent well over two hours and could have easily spent a lot longer there.

While back at the motel for lunch, the rain changed briefly to small pellets of hail. Once it stopped, I headed to South Dunedin to suss out a few more (again, forgettable) yarn shops and a Spotlight, just to see if it was much different to Aussie ones (it wasn’t). Then there was more hail. I had a fantastic lamb burger and kumera chips from Velvet Burger for dinner. And it hailed some more. The hail in Dunedin was small, but further north at Timaru they had golf-sized hail that destroyed crops.


Tuesday’s first activity was a tour of the Cadbury Chocolate Factory. This included climbing many stairs, eventually reaching about mid way up that purple tower, inside which we had to yell ‘chocolate’ loudly to trigger a fall of liquid chocolate to be released. Splattering chocolate everywhere – erk! I bought a hat and lots of chocolate fish in the shop. I love chocolate fish….


After lunch I took a drive to the Otago Peninsula. First stop was Clifton Wool n Things, which was down a ghastly steep gravel driveway. It started hailing again, and I wondered if I would manage to get the rental car back up to the road. It was well worth it though as the shop had piles of yarn hanks, fleeces and sliver as well as garment and so forth, all of natural coloured wool. I would have loved to have taken home some sliver, but it had too much VM for me to be confident of getting it through Australian customs and quarantine. So I came away with three hanks of 8 ply in ‘Gull Grey’ and a shade card.

I successfully negotiated the driveway back up to the road (it helped that it had stopped hailing) and continued on to Taiaroa Head. I photographed penguins and other bird life in the rain and enjoyed afternoon tea in the Albatross Centre.



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