New Zealand Trip days 10-11

Nelson – Christchurch

Friday was fine and sunny – the warmest weather of the whole trip. I took a walk around town and visited Fibre Spectrum – an excellent shop run by a cooperative of local fibre crafters. I didn’t end up buying anything though.


I then went to the World of Wearable Art and Car Museum. No photography is allowed in WOW to protect copyright so I can’t show you how stunning the garments were. If it had not been for the video displays of models wearing some of the garments on the catwalk, I would not have believed they were wearable. I’d like to know how hard it is to get dressed in a dress made from wood…


Later on I went to the Bead Gallery in Parere Street (there is more than one gallery). Here, they encourage you to pick out some beads and make something on the spot for the cost of materials only. I ended up being in the shop until not long before closing time, putting together a necklace and matching earrings.


Saturday is the day of the Nelson Markets in Montgomery Square. I got there quite early, and at 8:30 am I heard a stall holder comment that the crowds were like 10 am already. I bought a muffin and Chelsea bun to have later, a bag of cherries and a packet of fudge. I also bought a ring and a silk skirt. I came away with the smell of hot nuts and waffles still lingering all the way back to the car. Mmmmmm!

Then it was time to leave Nelson and drive back to Christchurch via Blenheim and Kaikoura. The weather varied from misty rain to sunny and back again. I stopped to see the seals at Oahu Point. For afternoon tea I had an icecream at Cheviot and was amused by two boys – one on a tricycle powered by a small engine towing the second on a skateboard. I was too slow at getting out the camera for a photo.


On arrival at my hotel in Christchurch, I dragged everything out of the car and to my room for the first time since Dunedin. I have until Tuesday to make all my purchases fit either in the suitcase or my backpack or be mailed home. Some just needs squashing the air out, like the lamb fleece. Some is food that will thankfully be eaten by then!

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