Hot Socks

It is too hot to be wearing sock, but I finished these Jaywalkers this morning.

I have also been spinning the Angorino, filled a bobbin and chain plied it. I’m very happy with how it is turning out – I’m after long stretches of colour. They show up well on the bobbin:

But the skein looks very different.


About a third of the fibre is spun. I would have done more today, but the wheel is being temperamental and I find the best way of fixing it is to come back tomorrow!

I have also been dyeing more cotton this morning. The particular colour (which I won’t name as it is part of a surprise) is one of my dyes I haven’t used before and I underestimated its strength. So 546 grams (2 cones Bendigo 8 ply plus one ball of Lion cotton) of yarn are consequently much darker in colour than I wanted. I’m waiting for it to dry before I decide what to do next. Partly because colours are always darker when wet, and partly because I have run out of soda ash and can’t do any more dyeing until I’ve got more.

I have a week and a half before I go back to school. It is too hot to do half the things I ought to be doing!

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