Knitting is all I do

Being ill has benefited my knitting as I simply haven’t had the energy for much else. But before I became ill, I knit the Alpaca/Gotland yarn I spun at the end of the holidays into a pair of wrist warmers. The yarn was a bit over spun, but the resulting wrist warmers fit the bill perfectly and will get plenty of wear this Winter.


The Tea Leaves Cardigan is almost complete. I need to reknit both cuffs as I forgot to change needle size and they are a bit loosey-goosey. Then it is just a matter of weaving in all the ends and blocking it. The photo below is from about 4-5 days ago. The body is longer, and I even had enough yarn to put a ruffle along the lower edge. A few things trouble me about it though – the hand spun yarn is a little uneven, and the last few balls tended to be thinner than the yarn the yoke was knit with. It seems mostly okay, but the area in the front between the armscyes and button band are a bit too ruffled and don’t sit right. I’m hoping the neck edge has been a bit stretched during knitting and the blocking will help sort it all out. Or I may be wishing too much from blocking. There’s no way of knowing other than to simply try it.


As much as I like the look of these round-yoked cardigans, I think raglan sleeves suit my shoulder shape better and I ought to steer clear of the round-yokes.

I am also knitting Fruit Loop socks in the Dream in Color Smooshy in Could Jungle. This was the yarn I used for the Leyburn socks, but hated them so much that I frogged it. The Fruit Loops are better, but I keep forgetting to get a photo…

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