Hecate Angorino Gaia

I can’t quite believe I knit an entire shawl in just under two weeks. Admittedly I wasn’t working in those two weeks, and the yarn certainly wasn’t lace weight, but it wasn’t a small shawl either (finished size 210cm x 70 cm).


The shawl is based on the Gaia pattern (Ravelry link), though I made many modifications, so who knows, it may actually resemble some other pattern unintentionally. I omitted the reverse stockinette; made the eyelet rows without bordering them with knit rows except on the bind-off edge; and I made a shallow, broad triangle by doing 4 st increases on RS rows AND 2 st increases on WS rows with the WS row increases knit through back of stitch on RS rows. The eyelet rows were positioned by whim, since the colour transitions in the yarn were too frequent.


I’ve been wearing this shawl most of the week, despite the fact I now have enough shawls to wear a different one for each day of the week! I wore it to WWKIP day in The Rocks yesterday too. I’m really happy with the yarn, particularly as I spun it myself, and the heavier weight of this shawl makes it a delight for really cold weather. It definitely proved to be the right choice on Friday when we had an evacuation at school.

Speaking of school, I returned last Monday and managed (just) through the whole week. I’m still on antibiotics and had another chest x-ray on Tuesday (which I assume was fine or I’d have been contacted). The long weekend is very welcome!

I have now started another cardigan, with raglan sleeves this time. I’ve decided that round yokes like on the Tea Leaves Cardigan (which I really should get a good photo of) and Tangled Yoke Pullover don’t suit my shape and are not as comfortable as raglan shaping, like my worn-out, favourite black cardi or the modified Mr Greenjeans. So this cardigan will be somewhat like Mr Greenjeans, with more stocking stitch, a lace panel at the bottom and moss stitch bands. The yarn is Woolganic Organic Merino 8ply in “Kundalini”.


Visitors to my blog (as opposed to reading through an aggregator) may have noticed that the work in progress bars have changed – they are now linked to Ravelry so are updated more readily. One of these days I will finally fix the title bar – I’ve always intended that the big white areas either side of the text would be filled in. One day.

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