Long Catch-up Post

This is a long catch-up post – lots of photos! It should have been several posts, but I have been unwell again (I missed the last week of Term 3 at school bringing my total to five weeks off work sick this year!) and trying to balance keeping up with school work and chilling out as much as possible.

On a positive note, I had some extra knitting time, so finished the Kundalini Cardi in the first weekend of the school holidays. I’m very happy with it, though I could have skipped half the short row shaping on the front – it makes the front hang lower than it should. I will perfect this one day… The yarn is wearing well so far. As last year, I have finished a project at the wrong end of the season. Oh well.


A week before completing this cardi, I finally splurged on some Madelinetosh yarn for a Summer cardi. I already have some undyed yarn in the stash for this purpose, but the yarn I intended buying was a similar colour to what I was going to dye, so I thought it best to receive the yarn first, then decide the colour of the undyed yarn. I had been going to buy Madelinetosh Pashmina yarn in “celedon”, but it had not come back in stock, so I went ahead and bought the same colourway in the Tosh Sock yarn I so enjoyed using for the Slippery Socks, so went with that instead. Four hours after the shipping confirmation email on the Tosh Sock, I had an email saying the Pashmina was in stock! Ah well, I’ll buy some Pashmina some other time. Of course, this was before the dollar hit the highs it is on now. The yarn took two and a half weeks to get here, but it was worth it as it is even better than it looked on the computer monitor.


It has now been swatched and the swatch is dry, so I can begin calculations of gauge and finalise the “which pattern” (if indeed I use one) conundrum. Swatching was particularly useful in this case because I’m going for a loose gauge. The ribbing was all over the place until I knit each stitch through the back loop. Much better.


Meanwhile, I started another pair of socks. I have no real need for more socks, but they make a very portable project. The Yummy yarn I bought (see the previous post) was calling to me, so I cast on some herringbone rib socks. The Yummy didn’t look as nice in the ball as it had in the skein, and was pooling badly in the herringbone rib. I persisted for a little while, but I hated them, and life is too short to knit stuff you hate. I frogged them and went in search of another pattern, finally settling on Slant socks from Violently Domestic. Much better.


I had a few good (not sick) days at the start of the holidays and made a trip to Spotlight for a new pencil case zipper. I have an ugly-dye-job fulled wool pencil case I’ve been using for six? years and the zipper finally gave up the ghost completely. The fulled wool is near-indestructible (though I noticed while sewing in the new zipper that it is wearing a bit thin where I grip it to open and close it). While in Spotlight, I went and looked at the yarn, as you do, especially since it was on a 60% off sale. I came away with two balls of Moda Vera Noir sock yarn. Yes, I don’t need more socks, but these ended up being $2.80 a ball. How can you say no to sock yarn you know you will use (see above!) when it is that price?


I also went to Ikea for fabric for another tablecloth. The current tablecloth (grey with daisy-like motif) features in the background of many of my photos here. The washing machine has been running loads that are too full to give the fabric a wash, or else it hasn’t been good drying weather, so I haven’t yet started on sewing the tablecloth, but it will happen soon.

While unwell these holidays I have been playing with more crochet. I only managed the one little amigurumi before, but wanted to give squares a go. I’m making a crochet bag from Anchor Magicline yarn that has been in the stash some time.


The first square took about five attempts to get right, but once I got the hang of it, I powered through the squares. Until I ran out of yarn… No matter – I dyed some Lion Cotton yesterday with an appropriately bright shade of red. Unfortunately, my glove sprang a leak and I have a nice red middle finger.


Yesterday was also Open Day at Guild. I only did a little shopping as the stash really is brimming. But I had no BFL in the stash, so I just had to buy the lovely fibre below from Wooldancer.


I really must do some more spinning… (I should also mop the kitchen floor, but I chose to write this blog post instead. Can’t think why!)

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