New Clothes

Bunny has new clothes.

He also has a new background.  I obtained the replacement part for my sewing machine last week and sewed the new tablecloth he is sitting on.

And the blog has had a long overdue overhaul, switching from MovableType to WordPress.  Compared to the last upgrade, things went relatively smoothly, though yet again each post’s permalink address has changed and the blog feed also changed (I did a bit of an on-the-fly edit of the old feed so RSS subscribers would be informed).  I will have a go at writing a script to redirect old page links to the new ones.  Commenting should be easier than under the old system, the look is improved and it all runs much faster…

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3 Responses to New Clothes

  1. SallyO says:

    Bunny looks great and I particularly like the ‘denim look’ jumper.

    AND I like the blog. I’ll comment more often now – I found the other one a bit of a pain in the a**e to leave comments!


  2. jenwren says:

    The comments system should be much easier for all 🙂 Though I do need to work out how I can customise my little picture like Lara’s! Edit: worked it out. You visit


  3. lyndell says:

    Love Bunny 🙂 and it is a little early, I think the
    Chinese New Year is early Feb … but we are about to go into the
    Year of the Rabbit 🙂 Yea Bunnies!


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