Super Bunny

I’m calling “Super Bunny” done.  He’s not going in the Easter Show as I just didn’t have the patience to re-knit the legs and also realised the head has the same problem.  The pattern calls for long tail cast on, which I don’t normally do.  Because this sets up the first row in stocking stitch to be a purl row, I had to fudge things, and it resulted in a less-than-ideal appearance on the base of the feet and the back of the head.  Toys are fiddly, and attention to detail is necessary for a show.  I think he’s gorgeous just as he is, so that’s how he’s staying.

I’ve cast on a new cowl in the merino-silk hand spun I finished last year.   The pattern is the Northumbria Cowl from Knitscene Fall 2010 magazine.  It’s a very simple 2 row lace pattern.  I haven’t knit enough yet to tell if it will come out the right size, and the pattern doesn’t specify the yardage required, so heaven only knows if the yarn will go far enough.

Northumbria Cowl

I should get back to the lightweight cardigan knitting.  It is nearly at the point at which I need to knit the sleeves.  I should do the maths before returning to school next week.

The site overhaul is now complete.  The front entrance has been revamped, the BlogRoll reinstated and the pages on Tencel Dyeing moved to within the blog pages structure.  The comment system is working well – all the spam has been picked out by a plugin without trouble, and the legitimate comments get through with little issue (I have the WordPress app on my iPhone so I can even approve comments on the go).  I’ve setup the redirects that I could, but was unable to redirect old blog post addresses to new ones.  No matter…  It’s hardly the first time that’s happened!

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