Back to Work

I’ve had two days back at work last Thursday and Friday – professional development days. School starts properly this coming week. The hot weather is never kind to me, and knowing the week ahead will be hot is just cruel. So what have I just finished knitting? A cowl. Excuse me if I don’t model it for at least a few months!

Northumbria Cowl

I was amazed to find I got the gauge specified by the pattern first try and had no need to modify the pattern at all. This made it a fast knit (12 days), even though I didn’t pick it up to work on for maybe half those days. I ended up using about 60 grams of the 100 gram skein. The remaining 40 grams will go into the stash for a scrappy scarf I want to make from leftover bits of handspun down the track. I’m sure the cowl will be lovely and snuggly, but I have no need for snuggly right now. I should get back to the lightweight cardigan next.

Otherwise, I’ve been spinning. I forgot to photograph it, but I’ve spun a whole bobbin of singles from the wool/alpaca/silk I purchased in Adelaide in October 2008. I wish I could normally turn out a bobbin of finely spun singles every two weeks… I will now switch back to the grey merino project for the next bobbin so I don’t get bored.

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