Marching on to June

School is very busy at this time of year. A look back at my archives and I can see I usually cease posting sometime in March (this year it was February!) and don’t resume until April, May, or even June. Very boring – very little time for knitting, less for knitting groups, and none at all for spinning. The start of term 2 this year looks similar, which is depressing.

I’m stuck on sleeve island with the lightweight cardigan (eek! not blogged that project since December!), and sock two of the River Rapids Socks got cast on, then knit half the leg before tiring of the thin yarn and tedious stitch pattern (this can only be defined as a “long term project” – sock one cast on 1st April 2008, completed on Year 8 camp March 2009, sock two cast on February 2011…).

The very little knitting time I have had has been spent knitting a cover for my shiny new iPad2. I decided in January that I had a bad case of the “I wants” but decided to wait for the iPad2. As soon as the specifications of the new model were available, I started designing and knitting a cover. The inspiration was this bag project on Ravelry, which had originally been knit as Boo Too from Knitty. I chose two balls of Noro Kureyon Sock (S149 & S185) at Cherryhills and knit some swatches. I tried to felt the first swatch. There’s one project on Ravelry that claims to be felted Noro Kureyon Sock. I could barely get it to do anything but grow alarmingly. I scrapped the felting idea, went down a couple needle sizes, and knit a swatch I was happy with.

The first time I cast on, the iPad cover was apparently going to be too narrow. I recalculated a new stitch number and cast on again. Too wide. The maths was right the first time – I cast on the original number of stitches again and it was fine. No idea what was wrong the first time. It was slow to knit the slip stitch pattern. It might have been nicer to knit this pattern for something wider as the colour changes in the Noro were slow, particularly for the very long stretch of purple. Seeing as I love purple, that’s not really a problem. Most of one side of the cover is purple. I was kind of glad I didn’t finish the knitting until after I had my iPad2 (on launch day – not a great experience and I won’t ever line up for an Apple product launch ever again) since I didn’t quite know what effect the smart cover would be on the final dimensions.

I finished the knitting on Monday and blocked it. It became longer and narrower when wet, but I still managed to block it to the required dimensions. Yesterday, I cut out the lining fabric lining (Saffron Craig’s “Bird Tree” in bright blue to match my smart cover) and sewed the zipper in to it (it is asymmetrical so that the zipper can be opened up just enough for the charging USB cable to be attached while the cover is on). Once the lining was sewn, I basted the knitted part over the top and stitched the side seams. I would have taken photos as I did all this, but the camera battery was flat. Later, I’ll hand sew the cover to the lining to finish it.

I went with buying the iPad2 on release day because I wanted it before travelling these holidays. I took my laptop to Adelaide in 2008 and resented the bulk of it. I took my iPhone to New Zealand in 2009 and, while that worked okay, the screen is tiny which makes some stuff hard. The iPad2 has already exceeded my expectations. I’ve cancelled my home delivered newspapers as I now read them on the iPad, I subscribe to Interweave Knits through the Zinio app (and can see myself buying some books through that down the track), have loaded some school textbooks on it for easy access, have a video cable that I’ve used to watch ABC iView on the telly from it, use it for web surfing, email, tweeting, and on it goes. And I have the camera connection kit, so hopefully there will be a few more posts from me from the iPad while I’m on the road.

Here’s a little test blogging this last part from the iPad – a photo of the socks I’m knitting with the left over Noro from the iPad2 cover. I used about a third of each ball and the balls have three colour repeats in them – so two are left. Perfect to be spilt into a colour repeat per sock. I’ll have to rip this out and start again though – I cast on the wrong number of stitches…


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