Bendigo Mills Visit

I’m on a road trip with my parents on my way to a family gathering. Today we hit Bendigo and visited the Woollen Mills factory shop and especially the bargain room, or “back room”, as it is known.

My Mother visits regularly, but this was my first visit. We made a beeline straight for the back room where we found some lovely laps (BFL/Alpaca/Silk) and I also picked up a bunch of 50 gram balls of cream 8 ply Rustic ideal for a felting project I want to do at school next term. When I saw they had calico bags, I just had to have one, even though I have lots of calico bags already.


I have one knitting project on the road with me – striped socks in the left over Noro from the iPad cover. They are coming along nicely (and a lot faster than the River Rapid socks I left at home).



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