How does my garden grow?

Okay, so the blog has been neglected. Plenty has happened, but today I want to capture the start of a new garden. I moved house eight weeks ago – into my own home – no more renting! It is a unit with a large, north-facing terrace along the full width, and a substantial planter box along the whole length of the terrace.

The unit has been rented since it was built about 8-9 years ago. The tenants that were here when I inspected the property were in the process of planting out the planter box with succulents. When they vacated, they took their succulents with them, leaving me with an empty box. In July. It was too cold to consider doing anything about it, and I was too busy with unpacking anyway (I still have six boxes to go…).

Last month I sprayed the grass that sprouted, then planted half the box with three varieties of paper daisy seed. They’ve popped up:


Yesterday was one of the local Rotary group’s plant sales, so I bought some plants (two are ones I had at the last house and was sorry to have to leave behind). At one far end I have Grevillea “Lady ‘O’”:


It may be small now, but it will grow into a small shrub that flowers its heart out. Then there is a Philotheca:


And a small Rulingia:


I will gradually add to this end of the bed with more natives – the daisies will fill in for the emptiness this year, later I will probably mulch. The other half is “productive” – two thirds for vegetables and one third for herbs.


From front to back there are beans (seed planted today), cherry tomatoes, spinach (in the vegetable section) then basil (seed), continental parsley and a rosemary plant from the Rotary sale. There will be more added later – perhaps radishes, beetroot and sage, thyme and oregano. Some may end up in pots instead. Eventually I will get a lemon tree in a pot, but the terrace is presently unsecured (I have to get a gate on the passage) and has some clutter that needs moving to my storage area (also presently unsecured).

In the early hours of Friday morning, my security camera captured a visitor who may cause me problems later. I think it is a little ring-tailed possum (you can view a little video of him on my flickr page). Thankfully he hasn’t tried entering my bedroom through the opening left for air flow at night (I have no screen doors yet – they were quoted for yesterday and will be about another month before they are installed).

I will try pick up the blogging again and show how my garden grows (as well as the regular fibre pursuits and cat antics!).

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