Spring sprang

A week after I posted about my new garden, I went out to vote at the Federal Election and came home to find the Philotheca had been snapped off near the base. I presume it was the work of one of the Sulfur-crested Cockatoos that frequent the Angophora floribunda trees just beyond my terrace (someone in a neighbouring block is feeding them). Part in denial and part due to laziness, I left the remains of the plant where they were. I had no expectations that it would re-sprout from the base of the stem that was left. Now, three weeks later, it is re-sprouting!


And the rest of the garden is going absolutely nuts! I’m finding it hard to believe this garden bed was empty when I moved in. I took some photos to write this post last weekend, then didn’t have time. I had to take some new photos today because the tomato plants have at least doubled in size this week!


The first bean seeds I planted failed to sprout, but the replanted seed has emerged and are getting going.


The paper daisies have grown, but some have been browsed – either by slugs/snails or the pesky possum. I’ve put down snail bait, so I will have to watch and see if that fixes the problem.


The basil seed also failed to sprout, so I bought a punnet of basil seedlings as well as a lemon thyme and capsicum plants and they’ve all been planted (the lemon thyme is in a pot, not in the pic below). The spinach is going crazy and I’ve eaten some of it already.


And I bought a Eureka Lemon and big pot and it has a lovely sunny spot up one end of the terrace along with some flowers and lemon marjoram I’ve had for years.


I’m not quite done – I have yet to plant some radish seed in a pot, and I want to add oregano and sage to the herbs. Hopefully I’ll get to those before school returns in a week. I missed most of the last two weeks of last term with a horrible virus that completely flattened me, so although the garden flourishes, a lot of other jobs inside have not been tackled. I’m nearly better, but still coughing!

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