Purple Cake

I had been looking for an opportunity to try out a crazy cake recipe, and my Mother’s birthday seemed the ideal occasion. Both mine and my Mother’s favourite colour is purple. This cake was epic purple.

It starts with serious amount of eggs, sugar, flour, butter etc., then is split in four for layers and coloured with food colouring gel. I’ve never used gel before and one of the things I’d change if I do this cake again is that I would use more, lots more. I could have had much deeper purple. The second bottom layer didn’t have enough colour in it to really be recognisably purple. Oh, and I need more cake cooling racks.


It continues with a serious amount of jam – a whole jar of strawberry jam went into this cake stack. Another change I’d make is that I’d take more of the dome off each cake. The whole thing was too tall for my cake carrier, so I had to chill it overnight covered with gladwrap and coat it in buttercream this morning.


The last modification I would make is to whip up less buttercream. I have so much buttercream left over that I think I will make a cake tomorrow and take it into work on Tuesday topped with the huge amount of buttercream left over from this cake. I could have piled on the whole lot, but it would have been too much. And this cake was already over the top.


Sprinkles! Sprinkles everywhere! Seriously, I’ll probably still be tipping sprinkles out of my kitchenware for weeks – I’m mostly working on a temporary kitchen island bench with open shelves sitting on carpet until I (1) extend the existing narrow strip of tiling and (2) have a permanent kitchen island built. Someone needs to invent a gadget that fires the sprinkles at the side of the cake with just the right velocity to stick to buttercream. Very. Messy. Job.


Mum had no idea about the purple inside until I had her cut open the cake.


And we ate it with blueberries and cream.


Mum’s birthday isn’t actually until Friday, but she’s going to spinning camp. Various family had other engagements so there was just Mum & Dad and I. Too much cake for three people! I wouldn’t make this again unless I knew I’d have more people to help consume it. Some went home with Mum & Dad, and some is in my freezer with a little more in the fridge for tomorrow.

Happy 70th birthday Mum!

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