The Day of the Triffids

I’m really glad I decided to document the growth of the garden because the rate of growth is astonishing. I’m not sure if I’m growing tomatoes or triffids, but I spread sugar cane mulch around the plants on the weekend, and I simply can’t get in between the tomato plants to mulch them!


Up the “natives” end you’ll have to take my word for it that the Grevillea, Philotheca and Rulingia are still there. Actually, I moved the Rulingia nearly a metre – the vegies are doing so well that I decided rather than the 50/50 split of the garden bed I originally laid out, I need some more room for the veggies. When the daisies have finished, I will expand the veggies into another metre of garden bed.


The Philotheca is proving the most difficult to locate, but it is still there, still growing.


A week ago, the paper daisies were being attacked by aphids and I decided to let it go and hope some ladybugs moved in.


At the time I did find one ladybug. This week there were four ladybugs and far fewer aphids. My laziness pays off again!


The tomatoes have been flowering prolifically for over a week already. The daisies are on the cusp of blooming. Here’s the most advanced bud:


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