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How do you know when your domain points properly to your blog? When the spam starts pouring in… I found the setting to turn off comments on old posts and all was well again.

I’ve now restored the images to all posts except 2005 & 2006 and the dyeing pages. It all has to be done manually – uploading all the photos, editing each post to point to them correctly, and editing internal links as I go (having moved the blog from Typepad to self-hosted Movable Type to self-hosted WordPress to, there are a few layers of bad links that have crept through).  I lost the comments to the posts that weren’t in the backup file. I’ve learnt my lesson and will ensure I backup more regularly!

I couldn’t help it – I went to Spotlight:


The top two are Cloud9 fabrics which I quite like and wish they did a few more in fabrics besides quilter’s weight…  Pretty posies is first up for sewing.

While the weather was good today I got a new layer of mulch onto the garden. Going back through all of the blog posts and photos was great to see the progress of the garden, and how small some of the plants were when first planted!  I added a new category of “Garden” so just those blog posts can be pulled out to view.

This is the “natives end” now – with the same (larger!) Grevillea “Lady ‘O'” at the far end:


On the left are a cumquat I bought six months ago that has not grown at all, and the Eureka lemon that has taken two years to start earning its keep, having produced just one lemon in the first year – I’ve had five so far this year and the tree is laden with plenty more!

All of the other plants have changed: the Philotheca and Rulingia both died and the aphids and other pests attracted to the paper daisies deterred me from planting them again. In their place there is a Convolvulus (I planted two: one here and one down the side passage of the block and can’t remember which one was which variety!), Grevillea “Goldfever”, Scaevola (again, two, but I think this one was “Sunfan”), Acmena “Allyn Magic” – which I hold fears for as every time it gets a flush of new growth the possums graze it back – and some Mondo grass. The two Grevilleas are fought over by the local birds as they flower prolifically.


Up the other end, with the rosemary in the distance that was once just a wee plant, we have all the possum proofing:


Behind the fencing are some new tomato plants, snow peas and silverbeet. Beyond that is an older “cage” I’m about to replace that has some capsicum plants that have lasted two seasons (and are mostly dying), and last year’s parsley that has bolted.  Most of the time the parsley is grazed back to the wire – the local brush-tailed possums seem to have better pickings elsewhere at the moment and haven’t visited in a few weeks.

This year’s tomatoes are a low growing variety that should stay well within the fence. I had a lovely yellow tomato last year that grew large and flowered and fruited well, but the possums raided all the fruit when still green and I only got two tomatoes. I tried everything to try keep them out (heaps of netting, water guns, possum off spray), but they ripped everything apart to get the tomatoes.  The second plant last year was a different variety of low growing cherry tomato that I mostly got to keep, and I’m hoping these two with be the same.  The fencing will be reinforced over these holidays – I had to put it up hastily when the possums went after two previous attempts of silverbeet seedlings and the snow peas – eating them down to the ground! (they hadn’t taken interest in the snow peas before – bastards!).


I’ve had plenty of snow peas though (I’m only just keeping up with eating them), and the third planting of silverbeet is finally picking up. And I’m never short of rosemary! The possums don’t like it.

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