December Road Trip Part 2

Days five and six were spent alternating between seeing my Aunt & Nana and some more stash enhancing…  First stop on day five was the Woolsy Trading Post, that despite several trips to Geelong in the past, neither of us visited before! The first room of sheepskin-related products was totally forgotten when we came around the corner into the yarn and fibre sections.


Woolsy Trading Post (well, part of it)

Heaven.  Huge range and lots of patterns too.  I fell in love with a skein of Misti Alpaca 4ply handpainted cotton/silk yarn and also picked up some silver angelina for blending and spinning.

We also went to Twisted Threads (sorry, no photo) where I bought a few balls of Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal wool/cashmere.

On day six we took a drive that became a bit more scenic as we argued with Stephen again about the fastest/shortest routes.  Then, close to our destination, we found the road we intended to turn off the highway at, didn’t actually meet the highway (and I had checked this both on the TomTom and on Google Maps – same error!).  As I had scouted our destination on Google Maps, I knew where the other end of Roseneath road was, so once we were safely able to turn around, we had no further dramas.

Our destination, Tarndwarncoort (or “Tarndie”) was well worth the drive.  For starters, the Polwarth wool is divine (I had come across some Tarndie Polwarth wool/silk in 2011 that became part of my Polwarth Daybreak shawl along with Polwarth from The Thylacine – sorry, not blogged) and it became a matter of deciding what to buy when you want all of it…


The shop at Tarndie

I eventually decided on a kilo of white tops, 400g of wool/silk tops and two 150g skeins of natural grey 4ply yarn.  Then, naturally, we had to have coffee and scones. Great jam!


Making short work of afternoon tea at Tarndie.

In a lovely backdrop.


Tarndie with skeins of yarn drying in the background

There was a group of ladies staying in Tarndie’s accommodation who were sat around a table knitting.  All Ravelry folk, of course (hello!).


More Tarndie

In our bags of purchased stuff we were given Otway Harvest Trail brochures; on a future trip we may need make some other visits in the area, along with Tarndie.

Day 7 was the start of our return journey home.  We decided to make a detour back to Kyneton so I could visit Lauriston Press as the art works there had caught my fancy.  It turned out to be a total waste of time as the shop was closed beyond the normal opening time while deliveries were being made.  The sign said the shop would open at 11.30, but we stayed until 11.45 and even attempted to ring the owner (no answer).  Being unable to stay more than the hour we had already waited, we headed on.  Lunch was “observed” by an extremely tame pea hen.


A pea hen at the rest stop

Wodonga was our last overnight stop, then boring Hume Highway again.  I picked up two kilos of cherries at Tarcutta, but that was about all the excitement to be had on the road.

Calli cat was excited to see me home.  She was visited daily in my absence for feeding, but every time I checked “Calli Cam” she was in her day bed on the sofa, mostly sleeping.


Calli cat, in a rare waking moment

The first tomatoes were ready to pick.


First tomatoes of the season

I had lots to unpack.


Trust me, they are enormous sacks

And here are the items bought after the photo at the end of Part 1.


The second half of my purchases

The week before we left a new drive band for my windwheel arrived, so I probably need to fit the band and get on with some spinning!

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  1. Diane Hart says:

    We had a wonderful (and stash enhancing) time! I accumulated several extra kg in both fiber, yarn and tummy. Must do it again, Mum


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