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December Road Trip Part 2

Days five and six were spent alternating between seeing my Aunt & Nana and some more stash enhancing…  First stop on day five was the Woolsy Trading Post, that despite several trips to Geelong in the past, neither of us visited … Continue reading

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December Road Trip Part 1

School finished up in early December and I was home for a few days before Mum and I took off on a road trip to Geelong to see my Aunt & Nana.  The first day was boring.  We drove to … Continue reading

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More Garden

How do you know when your domain points properly to your blog? When the spam starts pouring in… I found the setting to turn off comments on old posts and all was well again. I’ve now restored the images to … Continue reading

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Almost there

I’ve restored all of the blog posts, but not yet all of the images.  I’m waiting to stop seeing this rotten screen: because I’m currently trapped in a loop that keeps dropping me back to the soon-to-be-ex-web-hosts until my internet … Continue reading

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So the blog moved…

The blog has had a happy home on the same web host for six years without incident. Then, at the start of July, there was a billing problem that I caught fairly quickly and rectified. No biggie. Moved on. Had … Continue reading

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