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How do you know when your domain points properly to your blog? When the spam starts pouring in… I found the setting to turn off comments on old posts and all was well again. I’ve now restored the images to … Continue reading

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Potato crop 2014

I like tracking what has happened in my garden because it changes so rapidly that I forget what it looked like and what worked and what didn’t. One learning experience has been growing potatoes over the last six months. I … Continue reading

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The Day of the Triffids

I’m really glad I decided to document the growth of the garden because the rate of growth is astonishing. I’m not sure if I’m growing tomatoes or triffids, but I spread sugar cane mulch around the plants on the weekend, … Continue reading

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Spring sprang

A week after I posted about my new garden, I went out to vote at the Federal Election and came home to find the Philotheca had been snapped off near the base. I presume it was the work of one … Continue reading

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How does my garden grow?

Okay, so the blog has been neglected. Plenty has happened, but today I want to capture the start of a new garden. I moved house eight weeks ago – into my own home – no more renting! It is a … Continue reading

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